Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Ryver learnt that he could blow bubbles from his nose during one of our science experiments.  I have to put in at this point that the experiment didn't included bubbles, or noses at all!  He discovered this whilst I went for some more supplies.  

This is my nephew Mark.  He was born in December.  He is so tiny and lovely.  My niece has also recently had a baby, have to wait for permission to post a photo of him.

I worked for a night at the Tower of London,  in the Queens House.  I am still so made up about this.  The Tower is so full of history and one of my favourite places to be.  I drove everyone mad there, saying oh this is where Henry the 8th was etc.  Since then I have driven everyone crazy telling them, about all the things I have saw. The Queens House is not open to the public at all.  I was really lucky to be given that opportunity.

Fireworks - have played a BIG part in our lives this year.  Not to mention the neighbours...Hahaha.  Any excuse for fireworks and we have used them!

Just a few photos of things that happened in the later months of the year.  I will add more photos, and hope to be more organised and frequent on this blog during 2014.  We have lots of adventures planned already, so will make sure that i have my camera with me.  

Happy New Year, wishing you good health and lots of laughter.

Friday, 8 November 2013

It's been awhile....

I am back from Devon and have been for awhile!  I will add more photos at a different time.  It's been a busy month or so with lots of different things going on.  I had the chance to work at the Tower of London.  I was so happy!  It was an amazing night. I worked as part of the catering team.  One of the photos below shows the pudding plate that I helped to put together.  They ALL tasted lovely!  I can also say that I have been locked in the Tower!  The catering over ran and our car was not able to leave before the ceremony of the keys (which I watched - fantastic)  so we were locked in and had to ask permission to leave and have the gates open specially.

We are also doing a project on Neptune, more photos to come.  Also whilst we were doing an experiment about yeast and how it expands whilst it is warm etc. Ryver discovered that he can blow bubbles via his nose!!  It was hysterical.  He worked out not to breath through his mouth whilst doing it.  I love homeschooling!!  We do have lots of fun.

We also had an afternoon of Halloween crafts and experiments.  I have another collage that I am going to put up.  But I love this one.  

Phew I have been busy!  I have listed all these and some more cards on ETSY.  Where I am selling them. There is a link on the right.  My shop is called Greetingsfromme. I love taking photos and writing to people.  I have collided my two passions to create these greetings cards.

Will sort out some photos and then catch up with all our news.  Ryver and I go to a Martial Arts class now and it is fantastic.  Circus Skills and Acrobats are other groups that Ryver is doing.  Bonfire Night, Poppy Day, Neptune, Continents and Medieval times are our current projects.  

Sunday, 18 August 2013

North Devon

Our first full day in North Devon. We have been here a few times before as we have family here.  Today we went to a car boot sale, where I managed to get books to the value of £60.00 for under a £5.00  RESULT!   I travelled down by train, so not sure how I am going to get everything back yet!  Did I mention that Ryver bought a full sized skateboard for £1.00 at the boot fair....we were so loaded up when we came...worry about that on Saturday.

At the beach lots of Jelly Fish called aequorea were on the beach and lots of seaweed.  One of the books that I had just bought, taught me the names of them all!  Best .20p I have spent.

The seaweed in the photo is (bottom left) Bladder Wrack - which has pairs of air bladders to help keep the plant upright in the water.  The Gut Laver (in middle) I think it is called was all over the beach.  The other two photo are of the Jelly Fish, which were not dangerous at all and are really common on beaches in late summer.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


What a fantastic topic to cover!  I must admit, it wasn't just chocolate, but we split it into two sessions. The first one being sweets, and then chocolate.  

As you can see we had a great time with this topic.  Infact all the kids in the end where saying..."no more chocolate!"  and off they went to bounce on the trampoline....Result!

We made chocolate bowls using balloons. We put the different types of chocolate bars that we had in to a timeline.  I didn't realise just how long ago some of the chocolate bars I know and still enjoy were created. Plus making chocolate cornflake cakes, they are a must!  We also spoke about the cocoa tree and where it was first discovered and how many trees are needed for just one bar of chocolate.  

We also all had a go at creating some sugar spun creations.  We ran out of time at our candy session, so carried it over to this session.  It is more tricky than I thought, but great fun.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Street Dance

My little fella loves to dance, any sort of dance but Street dance is his favourite.  It is impossible for him to keep still. We were at the Southbank and saw a StreetDance workshop. That was it, off he went to get a platform and dance!  Thank god we missed the freejumping workshop!

Saw some fantastic BMX riders and a woman who could fold herself in half - which I thought was impressive. The fact that she was hula-hula hoping at the same time was just brilliant.  

Friday, 2 August 2013

A day in the life of a Caterpillar

We have some hungry caterpillars in our garden!  Ryver is so more interested in the poo to be honest!  I wish I could see some of our caterpillars turn into butterflies. That would be so cool.

We also have a small patch of the garden that we have made into a meadow, or are making into a meadow.  It is so nice to see the bees and butterflies come and visit the flowers.  I will take some photos and put them on here.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Who invented....Candy?

This was the question that the boys asked us.  On a Monday we meet up regular and do different things. Once a month it is Who invented?  The boys pick something and we find out about it to tell them. If we can we get them to make it also.  We have done soap and magnets.  Not together, obviously!

So this Monday we done Candy, love that topic. We have decided that Chocolate has to have a whole session on its own!  So we made, sweets from the Tudor times, I will put up a photo tomorrow for that. We also made honeycomb and popcorn.  

We did get slightly distracted whilst making these by a major rainstorm.  I have not seen rain like that for months and months.  We had to go out when the rain wasn't too heavy to push the water that had collected from the canopy of the trampoline and the umbrellas.  It was a great distraction and started a whole conversation on rain and water.  The beauty of Home Schooling are moments like that.  Homemade Honeycomb, dipped in chocolate and a lively chat about rain!