Thursday, 3 July 2014

Looking for bugs

We went to catch some bugs today.  Ryver became the ladybird man!  He managed to catch three different varieties of the ladybird larve.  Impressive!  It was funny for me to watch as he really doesn't like creepy crawlies that are loose.  But he loves to catch them, and look at them under the microscope. 

I learnt a couple of things today.  The Daddy Longlegs has a really nasty venom which could make us very sick if it had the power to inject it into us!  I also learnt that most spiders bite or spit, but mostly the venom is dangerous to us.  That house spiders can get massive and can be found in sheds as well as houses!  (That must have been the big spider I found then - not a tarantula after all!) The Garden spider looks pretty and I have seen loads of them.  People can react to the bite of a spider in the same way that you would react to a bee sting. 

We also went into the Butterfly house, but as today was a hot one anyone, it was like a sauna in there so we didn't hang around!  Golders Hill Park (Part of Hampstead Heath) is a nice place to visit.  I must go there more often with Ryver.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Been busy

We finally made it! I have been wanting to go over the cable cars for ages. It's a short ride only about 10 minutes, but has a great view. 

Some parts of the ride a really steep. It is 250ft high, but to be honest I didn't feel that high. 

Ryver has been doing an acrobats class for awhile now, he has improved so much. He can do the crab perfectly now. 

We have just finished our Stoneage project. Ryver painted on sandpaper (as close to cave walls as I could think!) which was great fun, but quite tricky. He made his version of Stonehenge using plastercine. I love it! 

With friends we meet and do projects. We have just done Australisia. We cover the basics, of geography of the Country, History, and also random facts.  Whenever possible we do a craft. They are always fun.

Ryver climbing 'The Mountain' at our temple class. The jumping off after! I love this training.

We have also been to the British museum to see a Viking exhibition, worked on our Unicorn project, completed our Forbidden City Project. Started a little off shoot project about Samauri and Ninjas. I am also researching for the next continent that we are going to cover...North America. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


We went for a walk along the green walk yesterday.  I love this walk but I am yet to walk it and there be no mud.  It is so shady in parts that the water doesn't really evaporate there. Still it wasn't too bad.

I wanted to show Ryver the fake stinging nettle, but I can never remember which one it is! Don't really want to get that wrong! Took the above photo so I could check at home.

It has been a great couple of days weather wise. It so nice to see sunny days and feel the heat. Ryver had a water fight which he informed me was Epic!

Saturday, 17 May 2014


I really missed training. I never thought I would say that. It was our first day back after our travels.

I go to a class held by Barry at every Friday.  I love the stillness he creates, the power he instills, and the knowledge he shares, oh and the training is excellent! Ryver does his class also and he really loves it. 

When I was at this class today, I was saying to a friend that I am struggling with jet leg still. Her response was...the mind moves at the speed of the jet but the soul moves at the speed of true. I felt instantly better and now I am no longer struggling with myself. I am just waiting for my soul to catch up. 

Today has been a day where things, ideas, thoughts, realisations, tasks all slot in to place. I love days like today. I had enough hours in the day with some to spare!!

No photos again! Can't get the technology to sync........

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Photo catch up

Some photos from yesterday. Tasting the chocolate. Such a great subject to study! 

This shows the amount of sugar in this size bottle of coke. Another great subject to study! I like coke but I do realise that you should only drink small amount.  The sugar, well the type if sugar that is put in this drink makes it bad for you.

Before we went on our travels we met Simon Reeves. He is so interesting and I do love his documentaries. Ryver had a great chat to him about Australia, and being homeschooled.

I love this view of flying!   You can watch the plan fly from a webcam. It's not a very clear photo, but it is great to see when you are on the plane. Ryver liked to look at his, he was looking for other planes....urmmm , I am glad he didn't see any!

So after flying in a A380, nice big double decker plane. Very little turbulence, take off and landing smooth. I then had to fly in this plane.  Small and propellers!! When it turns left or right, you can feel it! It's the take off and landing that get me, it feels like we are all holding our breath to help it get up in the air...then as we come to land it rocks a bit with the wind. I have this vision of the pilot hold on to the steering wheel (what is it called that pilots hold?) arms outstretched tense griping on tight fighting to control the plane in the wind.  When in reality the pilot is probably having a cup of tea! Looking out the window.

On this trip I didn't manage to get out of Sydney airport. This was the closes we got to the Harbour can just make it out between the clouds!

Today Ryver finished a project off. We spoke about our next projects and cracked the 10 times tables I think.  We are doing a project on Australasia as part of our continent project. We have just looked at the States and Territories. Next it is Convicts and explorers.  In our first lesson, the boys made Lammingtons

Not quite as you would find a Lammington in the shops but, it was Ryvers version of the cake. Tasted delicious.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Still here!

Not quite half a year gone.....but almost! Still I am here now.

Today at one of the HomeSchooling groups I go to, I learnt the following:

Coke does really taste different in different Countries. I also learnt why.  
96% of the worlds population recognises the coca cola symbol. 
Chill chocolate taste better in milk chocolate. 
Mexico has pyramids.
Mammoths were really enormous. I always that they were about the same size as elephants.
I am no good at the flags of South America.
I still can't verbalise easily why the Chicago River had its flow reversed. My brain just freezes every time. I understand what happened just can't repeat it aswell as it was told to me!
That Erin made a pretty cool game.

Ryver is working on a project about guns at the moment. It's something he wanted to do by himself. He has done a great job. 

No photos in this post.....but expect loads of the next couple of days.